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4 marca 2017
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5 marca 2017

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    Miasto: zywiec

    My idol >>>> http://www.myspace.com/tobinamon \FUNKY SHIT DRUM N BASS\ IS CHANGE TIME CUT IN REAL TIME, CHANGE HOUSE MUSIC TO DRUM N BASS UK BASS RADIO AND NINJATUNE MUSIC IS OKEY FOR ME, Although I like it now Samples with everyone, My music is diverse. If you do not have the mind to listen to all the songs then give every 15 seconds you will definitely get something for yourself I invite you to perform works. I create various hip hop recordings, electronic, drum n bass, jazz, 8-bit music experiments, sampled vinyls, movies, instruments, last even remixes of songs from muzzo to tempt to make music from Windows My cries in the musical climate known as "SNOW". I have been making music since 9 years, from about 2002. At first, they only make hip hop backers for MC's rap because it was like that :-). Not at this stage of hip hop and I have developed in another direction, ie beat beat, drum'n''bass and experiments. Music 8 beat, LAST I LOVE UK BASS RADIO and I have been listening to this genre of music since 207, it is for me and for other rastafarai special, after that the elektroboys like drum n bass are often like the climate greetings The Pryzmats my old band for Which I did not hear bits, Also, I'm only interested in rudd and jungle, but hip hop rap will not despair, it's a shame that it curses in those pieces of this kind,

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